Beverly Manufacturing, Inc specializes in custom Ferrite, Toroidal, Chokes, Current, Pulse, RF, Coil, Power, Switching, EMI, Inductors / Transformers, DC to DC, Telephone Balun and other Specialties since 1983. Our mainstay of the business is specializing in the design and manufacturing inductors and transformers. Our goal is to become the benchmark of the electronic industry and manufacture of high quality products to our customers. All products are proudly made in America! Our products meet RoHS2 Compliant and HS.


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New Website 2014

We just launched a new website with tons of new features. The Bev Store also has a new look and plus we added new items with Paypal to make things a lot easer for everyone. So please feel free to browse and enjoy your stay.

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A Few Words About Us

Beverly Manufacturing has built its success on our dedication and friendly customer service.


Since 1983 Beverly Manufacturing specialized in the design and manufacturing in high quality products. Customizing transformers and inductors is the mainstay of our business and we offer a full spectrum of products and services. We can provide you with a custom-built inductor / transformer or specialty wound coils on any standard. Our goal is to become the benchmark of the electronic industry and manufacture of high quality products to all of our customers.


Our History 2014

We just updated the website on 11/30/2014! New look, features, and added new products to the gallery using Paypal.

Our History 2013

We updated the Company Capabilities page and added a new gallery to display our equipment on 8/23/13.

Our History 2003

Beverly Manufacturing, Inc. has started to be RoHs Compliant on 7/16/03.

About Us

We just added Balun Transformers to the Products Page on 8/23/2013! If you would like more information please check our custom made Balun Transformers for more detail.

Beverly Manufacturing Inc has launched the new website on 5/21/2013! We have a wide range of new products to offer to our customers.

We are proud to announce our new production line for Custom Wire Harnesses, just opened on 7/13/2010! Now we have the ability and the equipment to manufacture custom made harnesses ranging from 6AWG to 30AWG. If you would like more information please check our custom made Harnesses at the products gallery for more detail.

Beverly Manufacturing, Inc. is now 100% RoHS Compliant! Since 1/4/2010 we have the capability to produce 100% RoHS products to our customers.

Our History 2010

Custom Made Products

Custom-made Toroidal Inductor / Transformer, EMI, Encapsulation, Coils, RF and much more! Beverly Manufacturing Inc. is a family owned business with many years of experience and vast reputation for innovations. Our products are high in quality, excellence in design and manufactured with a wide range of applications. We also provide multiple types of bobbin wound ferrite transformers, as well as machine wound and hand wound Toroids ranging from 1/8 to 6 inches.


Our products are tested 100% for Inductance, Hi Pot, Turns Ratio and dimensional verification to meet customer specifications. All of our products are RoHS Compliant. Please contact us for more information or send us a quote for pricing.


Our Main Product Line


Ferrite Transformers


Custom Specialties

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More On Specialty Products

Beverly Manufacturing has many years of experience and a vast reputation for innovation, high quality and excellence in design and manufacturing of wide range of applications to offer such as custom made: Toroidal Inductor, Toroidal Transformer, Inductor Encapsulation, Transformer Encapsulation, Coil Encapsulation, RF Encapsulation and other specialties.


Encapsulated units have an excellent resistance to withstand to moisture, chemical corrosion, salt and electrical isolation by protecting it in extreme environments.


Our products are tested 100% for Inductance, Hi Pot, Turns Ratio and dimensional verification to meet customer specifications. All of our products are RoHS Compliant.

We can find out what you need!

Years of experience and the skills to be able to reverse engineer and duplicate an existing product. We can disassemble any inductor or ferrite transformer and find out all the boundaries; such as turns, materials, temperature and other specifications. Our team of engineers can even find innovative ways to improve and reduce the cost of the design and also the cost to manufacture the product. Even if you need a small amount or a full scale production our goal is to keep our customers satisfied.


We also have the ability to upgrade an existing product to become RoHS Compliant. Products made in this form will have cleaner materials and it will also have a positive impact to the environment.


Our main goal is to come up with modern designs using todays cleaner materials to meet the most progressive challenges. At the end you have a new and improved product that reflects from the older technology and merging it with the new. Going beyond conventional engineering is the key to our success and advancing technology for future generations to come.



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Design Capabilities

Harness Equipment Capabilities

Custom design of all types of bobbins, toroidal, magnetic, coil windings to customer drawings specifications and we also offer the ability to create products to meet RoHS Standards. We specialize in low, medium, and high pulse frequency. Miniature to medium size Ferrite Transformers, Metglas Core, Pot Cores, E-Cores, EP-Cores, Kool Mu, MPP, High Flux, XFlux, AmoFlux, Amorphous Alloy Core, Iron Powder Core, Toroidal Transformers, Power Transformers, Power Inductors, Coils and so much more. Other specialties such as custom size air coils, some PCB assembly and other custom made assemblies.

We have a wide variety of, Hand Tools and Dies for Crimping Applications, RoHS Soldering Equipment, Semi-Automated Terminating Equipment, Cirrus Continuity Testers and much more....

Quality Assurance Capabilities

Project Management Capabilities

Just In Time Delivery System.

Company Capabilities

100% Electronic testing including Hi Pot DC and AC, Turns Ratio, Inductance, Resistance, Capcitances Testing Equipment, Test Phasing, and dimensional verification.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our equipment capabilities includes automatic Encapsulation processing, Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine (24AWG - 42AWG), Heavy-duty Automatic Toroidal and Toroidal Hook Winding Machines (8AWG - 23AWG), High-speed Coil and Transformer Winding Machine (15AWG - 48AWG), Heavy-Duty Coil and Transformer Winding Machines (6AWG to 14AWG).

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"We invite your quotation requests and ask that you provide us with a drawing and construction details of the product and a sales representative will contact you shortly."

Our Just-In-Time-Service!

Other companies only talk about service, we at Beverly Manufacturing perform SERVICE. We will work with your purchasing and materials department to ensure a steady supply of product to your door...without a glitch. We will stock and ship your custom transformers in accordance with any Just-In-Time System that you may currently have in place.


For the past several years, Beverly Manufacturing has been supplying product to customers that utilize the many programs that fulfill auto replenishment inventory...such as BEM (Bar Control Enterprise Manager) and POURS, or any other EDI Systems that your company may have in ready for scanning, right to your stockroom or production floor.


Should you not have a Just-In-Time System in place, there is no worry...we will stock your custom transformers on our shelves. With a simple phone call, fax, or e-mail, we will ship your parts the very same day and make sure that you will never run out of product. Whether you buy 10 transformers per year or 100,000 transformers per year, we treat every customer with the same quality standards of excellence and service.


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